Insurance & Payment FAQ's
We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions

"Are you in-network with my insurance?"


We are out-of-network providers

"Do you ever plan on being in-network providers?

Why are you out-of-network?"

We don't plan on being in-network

"Quality over quantity" is what we stand by. We want to give each client the time and attention he/she deserves, and we find it is impossible to practice dentistry in that manner as in-network providers

"Can you explain what all of these mean?"

We can contact your carrier to get an estimate of how much coverage you may get for the services rendered prior to treatment. However, please note that the actual amount covered and the estimate is not always the same.

We collect the full amount for the services rendered and then file a claim on your behalf. You will receive a check from your carrier.

Please contact your carrier regarding any specific coverage-related questions.

"I don't have insurance. Do you offer a discount plan?

Do you offer in-house payment plans?"

We offer an in-house membership plan that can keep you on a family friendly budget.

We have partnered with LUXE VISION AND OPTICAL next-door to offer both vision and dental benefits under one simple plan. For more information about the membership plan, please click here.

We do NOT offer an in-house payment plan.

However, we are partnered with third-party lenders to bring you an easy way to pay for your treatment over a period of up to 18 months at no interest.
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