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At Comfydent Smiles we want to make teeth straightening simple and fun. We offer Invisalign or metal- free orthodontic aligners to our clients. The aligners are just about invisible, comfortable and can be used to whiten to your teeth at the same time. Your Invisalign consultation is always free and in under 10 minutes you can see what your perfect smile would look like!!!! Are you ready to see how your smile can be transformed in just few months?

How it works?

Step 1

The process is simple and starts with a quick digital scan.

iTero Digital Scanner

Most orthodontic treatments begins with a mold of your mouth that involves messy impression materials. With the iTero Digital Scanner, you can say goodbye to the mess. iTero eliminated this step , replacing it with digital images captured with a handheld wand. The images quickly appear on a computer monitor as 3-D models of your teeth .

  • NO messy impressions
  • INSTANT images for review
  • DETAILED reproduction for better outcomes
  • FASTER case completion
  • EXCEPTIONAL fitting restorations and appliances

Step 2

Following the scan, Dr. Strait will create a custom Invisalign plan and get your aligners ready for you. Your first set of aligners will arrive in few weeks and It’s go time!!! You’ll come in for your first fitting and begin wearing your aligners immediately - removing them only to eat, brush and floss!

Step 3

Continue to wear your clear aligners as directed. In most cases, the doctor will give you 2 months of aligners at a time so you make less trips to see the doctor. If you're traveling or unable to come to the office, we can even send aligners to you. Once your teeth are in their desired position, we’ll make custom retainers to maintain your smile for a lifetime!

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